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face paint remove eye wrinkles

Publié le par Jean

The whole point of using makeup is to accentuate your features and make you more beautiful. If you don’t know the correct way to easy face painting easy. Apply your makeup, you could be doing just the opposite. We are going to help you learn the appropriate way to apply eyeliner in order to avoid eye wrinkles given by painting you'd give yourself a natural, healthy look!

It’s very common to apply eyeliner to your top lid by pulling on the outer area of your eye. Interesting enough, this method of applying eyeliner can actually contribute to face painting kits. Not only this, putting eyeliner on this way will leave you with jagged and uneven lines when you release your eye skin to the normal position.

The best way to put on eyeliner is to gently pull up on the center part of your eyelid. This does two things. First, it gives you a good view of your eye. Second, it will help you draw a straighter, more even line across your lid.

If you are just starting out with eyeliner, be sure to use a lighter shade for a more natural look. Also, avoid using liquid eyeliner for your lower eyelids. Be sure to not create thick lines! These will make your eyes appear tired and highlight your flaws.

Overall, remember to protect the skin around your eyes. Completely remove all eye makeup before going to sleep and use an eye cream. Unfortunately, no amount of eyeliner or makeup can completely conceal dark circles, face paint makeup and fine lines. So moisturize, foundation, neon eyeliner!!!

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