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Art & face painting

Publié le par Jean

Art and face painting go hand in hand in creating a culturally rich heritage of a generation. Art and face paint kit has a rich history in the ancient times. They are a synthesis of different kinds of cultures which have been divulged into one. Art refers to the literature, dance, paintings, languages and architecture, as well as cinema. Art and entertainment were very serious features of medieval religious existence. Entertainment without art was considered as a song without an instrument. Art is something that makes us realize the true spirit of love, joy and hatred. It makes us laugh and cry at the same time. It creates feelings of emotions within us. A good entertainment also includes good artwork within it.The Medieval stage shows grew out of the literature which was around the beginning of the eleventh century. Some of the most famous plays during that time where Noah’s ark, the twelve testaments, the ten commandments of Moses and the birth and death of Jesus Christ. These dramas were executed with costumes and harmonious musical instruments which took place straight outside the church. Later, these dramas were performed in front of the crowds in the marketplaces, where they were fashioned by local associations.

Nowadays, the new generation focuses a lot on art and entertainment. Art and entertainment features the latest books, music videos and art. Art and face paint focus on the western dance and music, movies, and plays. Entertainment is not only confined to movies and art. Nowadays a very common form of entertainment is visiting different kinds of places of interest like amusement parks, and restaurants as well. There are various museums and educational centers which also feature good art and entertainment.

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